One comment on “Story Development with Layna

  1. The way I see it, the character design and setup strongly hints towards a totalitarian state. The question isn’t what story elements should be included in the game but how the main character fits in the world. Is she a former member of the totalitarian state and has had a change of heart? Is she a career criminal who is roped into helping a rebellion against her better judgement? Was she born poor or wealthy? Are her parents still alive? Once you create the framework of a back story then you can add story elements like twists and alternative endings. Hope this helps!

    Oh, just a side note I do have some experience developing stories like this, I’m currently working on creating a sci fi comic book and I have a hard drive filled with concepts and ideas. I’ll admit that it’s all amateur work at the moment, nothing’s published yet, but if you want to hear some of my ideas please feel free to ask. Thanks!

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